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1、The company aims to "serve as customer service, repairs, maintenance tasks, each service must adhere to this principle, and are willing to accept the advice and supervision of customer.
2、Of the company's products, apart from human factors, the commitment to be responsible for the product life-long maintenance.
3、Emergency customer anxious after-sales service personnel, in strict accordance with the requirements of the customers quality service tasks, answering customer questions seriously, and actively provide supervision of the various solutions for customers.
4、Strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the customer, the work of an important civilization operation, minimize customer inconvenience, maintain the image of the company and the customers.
5、Replacement parts price list should produce repair parts and damaged parts, and explain the damage to the circumstances and reasons, but the damaged parts must be recycled.
6、Service personnel should have professional quality and flexible ability to quickly solve practical problems, and strive to complete the task in the shortest possible time to minimize customer inconvenience and loss.
7、Registration customer suggestions and complaints must be done one by one, seriously. To respond to customers in the shortest possible time. As to reach customer satisfaction, continue to take measures or the approval of higher authorities to resolve, until customer satisfaction.

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